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Acne and Spot Removal

Acne and Spot Removal

Experience the latest in acne treat light therapy from leading brands in light therapy such as Revive Light Therapy and LED technologies Inc 

The range include blackhead and acne remover device  that deep cleanses to eliminate blemish-forming bacteria and reduces mild to moderate inflammatory acne

Blue light technology has been clinically proven to eliminate mild to moderate inflammatory acne.

The treatment cleanses the skin deep into the pores by killing the bacteria that cause blemishes.

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DPL Nuve handheld ligh features the same technology used by professionals and  physicians for a..
Beauty device with blue light pore refine function. This suction blackhead and acne remover of..
dpl® IIa—Professional red light therapy device is a FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical device that of..
This device destroys acne-causing bacteria fast, you will see results within days.It was selected as..
Experience medical-grade light therapy for destroying acne in the comfort of your own home. The..
ReVive Poof™ gently destroys bacteria under the skin that leads to pimples, and reduces potential fl..
Compact hand-held LED light therapy device clinically proven to treat  acne. The reVive Sp..
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