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Aroma Diffusers

Aroma Diffusers

Ultimate relaxation with the finest home fragrance , harmonise the body and mind 

Our range of aroma diffusers are unique and attractive and gently lift the scent of essential oils into the air

The best way to inhale essential oils is to diffuse them in your home with an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser

Our ultrasonic diffusers will release a large number of anion that assist to cleanse and purify the air and rid of airborne bacteria 

The range include diffusers with colour- changing light with a gentle glow for a peaceful environment

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Elegant  Aroma Diffuser, Humidifier and Night-Light by Bodi-tek  that creates a  soot..
£32.00 £30.00
The Ellia Gather Diffuser features a beautiful basket weave design that complements almost any decor..
Fresh air, a natural aroma and light – the perfect well-being combination for relaxing in  your..
£30.83 £22.92
Stylish aroma diffuser by Beurer With effective colour-changing LED light. Atomisation possible..
High efficiency through micro-fine atomisation, micro-fine scent molecules are distributed evenly ..
Essential Oil Vaporiser that does not use candles or burners .The Self-regulating temperature gentl..
Eastern-inspired stylish design and crafted from glass and wood makes this diffuser the perfect ce..
This diffuser adds style to any room , consciously crafted from ceramic and wood. Incorporate the be..
Delicate  teardrop-shaped design in light grey and wood. The Ellia blossom diffuser makes ..
Soothing lights and uplifting aroma to relax and enhance your wellbeing with up to 5 hours of contin..
Stylish and contemporary diffuser that uplift your senses . The funnel pot atomiser uses ultras..
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