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Tua Viso Facial Toner

Tua Viso Facial Toner

Product Code: TUA002

Tua Viso has been clinically proven to show a visible face lift and redefinition of the face after just 10 days of use. Painless, non-invasive facelift device that use microcurrents to exercise facial muscles to improve strength and tone enabling them to support the overlaying skin and tissues. Skin appears plumped, the natural contours of your face are redefined and fine  lines and wrinkles gradually disappear.

The mild electrical stimulation helps to increase blood flow . By boosting blood flow in this way increased oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the tissues in order to improve cellular function and performance. Cells are renewed and revitalised, causing the skin to appear fresh, dewy and radiant. Collagen and elastin synthesis is stimulated too, so the natural strength, thickness and elasticity of your skin is improved to help prevent future lines and wrinkles from appearing.

Tua Viso can improve your facial tone and structure in order to maintain a youthful appearance and is a great alternative for those who cannot or do not want to face surgical lifting. It is  designed for complete ease of use so that you can easily incorporate it into your beauty regime. It  has 2 built-in electrodes, allowing you to simply hold the device directly to your face for treatment 

For best results use 5 times each week for 3 to 6 months, and maintain with 2 to 3 sessions per week thereafter. Each session lasts just 20 minutes, ,


  • Facial contours and structure supported and redefined for a younger look
  • Easy-to-use, rechargeable hand-held device – no wires, no gels, no hassle
  • Self-moistening sponge electrodes for better conductivity
  • Please note: This item can only be shipped within the UK.

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