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Electronic Abdominal Toner

Brand: Vupiesse
Product Code:TUAB

Flatten and firm your tummy, deep results make your muscles stronger and firmer in just weeks. An abdominal roller with a twist, the Tua Trainer combines two principles to get you into shape fast. It features a specialist waist belt with a fitted pair of electrodes. The electrodes start operating automatically when the user reaches a certain degree of voluntary contraction - so when you just can't crunch any more, the Tua will take you the rest of the way! It's an ab-belt and cruncher in one! 

Digital ab cruncher machine exercises core muscles for the flattest belly ever,  specific training programmes to transform your mid-section.Like a personal trainer it helps you get the best results and maximises your workouts.5 specific training programmes to transform your mid-section and core muscles

It features  a  voice that recording that  actually tells  the user what to do, step after step, when to lift up, when to lie down, when to remain in contraction, etc. The command  is given by a persuasive and resolute voice, determined to make us carry out the  exercise correctly till the end.


  • Get in shape FAST
  • Your very own, inbuilt personal trainer
  • Electronic ab toner to tone up, flatten and firm your tummy all from your own home
  • Innovative ab cruncher designed to exercise your core muscle
  • Transform your mid-section with this electronic ab toner 

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