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Rapid Heel Smoother
Removes dry skin leaving your feet looking and feeling soft and silky smooth .The Rio heel smoother ..

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EMS technology electrical muscle stimulation is  scientifically proven to strengthen and tone t..
£29.99 £24.99
Elegant  Aroma Diffuser, Humidifier and Night-Light by Bodi-tek  that creates a  soot..
£32.00 £30.00
Flatten and firm your tummy, deep results make your muscles stronger and firmer in just weeks. ..
£247.00 £220.00
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Fresh air, a natural aroma and light – the perfect well-being combination for relaxing in  your..
£30.83 £22.92
Get beautiful looking feet with the true smooth simply soft pedi by BaByliss. Finely ground, di..
£30.00 £24.75
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Fragrant yet masculine  scent that keeps you beard smelling fresh. It also reduces beard i..
£27.00 £22.00
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Keep your bikini line in perfect shape with the Philips bikini genie trimmer. It is the safe ..
£25.00 £22.00
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This device offer effective treatment  of cellulite and also reduces edema . Glo910 plus&n..
£255.00 £210.00
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DPL Nuve handheld ligh features the same technology used by professionals and  physicians for a..
£187.45 £170.00
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Elegant shaving set, the aesthetic shape of the brush and razor handles are turned out of solid rods..
£165.00 £155.00
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Lifetrons Switzerland
This device by Lifetrons Switzerland  combines microdermabrasion, blue light photon therapy and..
£166.00 £149.00
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This device destroys acne-causing bacteria fast, you will see results within days.It was selected as..
£64.00 £54.00
The Vicks Warm Mist humidifier releases up to 95% bacteria-free mist into the air to provide tempora..
£42.00 £37.00
Relieve and soothe muscles with the benefits of a therapeutic massage.This massager has multiple at..
£12.99 £11.00
Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax provides excellent hold, allowing your moustache to be dressed and ..
£10.99 £8.00
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