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Dental Hygiene Products

Dental Hygiene Products

A range of aids for  maintaining good dental health.

A healthy smile can truly transform your visual appearance  . The state of your teeth affects  your overall health,  not only your mouth .

 Our range include electric toothbrushes from  Oral B and Philips. Electric tooth brushes for individual tooth-by-tooth cleaning,  removes 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.

Our range also include  Sonicare airfloss and dental water jet  that removes plaque in hard to reach areas.

Dental water jet uses a high pressured stream of water to remove food particles from around the teeth 

It is also useful for people who wear braces or other dental appliances, as traditional dental floss may be difficult to use in comparison to an oral irrigator which can be used on inaccessible areas.

We also offer a  red LED light therapy device -a  powerful tool to use in conjunction with your regular oral hygiene routine that  helps to reduce bacteria and whiten teeth. 

Using red LED  light can  heal inflammation, increase blood circulation, and stimulate the growth of gum tissue and bone.

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