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Silk Facial Beauty Pillowcase and Masks

Silk Facial Beauty Pillowcase and Masks

 Silk can be a great addition to your anti-wrinkle regimen.  Switching to a silk eye mask and a silk pillowcase can improve skin and  prevent fine lines and wrinkles .

It minimise the appearance of sleep creases upon waking which have been linked to premature wrinkle formation by research

The smooth surface of silk means that friction is reduced between your face and the pillowcase lowering the chances of skin irritation  The  perfect choice  anyone with sensitive skin. 

They are also a must have for curly, dry and brittle hair prone to breakage. 

Using a silk pillowcases  can help to maintain a healthy, hydrated scalp which is important to boost stronger, healthier has and has even been known to prevent hair loss.

Our range is  made in 100%  Mulberry silk 

 It is hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin and acne. 

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