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Air Humidifier and Purifiers

Air  Humidifier and Purifiers

A selection air humidifier and purifiers that improve the breathing air quality

Air purifiers clean indoor air . They remove dust and smoke from the air and  allergenic substances like animal dander and pollen. 

Humidifiers add water into the air, but do not clean it. They are used to relieve health issues from dry air and help reduce static electricity in the home.

Humidifiers are a great part of the winter skincare regimen, and helps your skin to stay hydrated and supple.

As it adds moisture to the air it can make your skin feel better by easing the tightness or itchiness associated with dry skin

Dry air contributes to itchy skin, sore throats, coughing and  can cause respiratory problems.

The range of  include Homedics  that remove dust mites pollen ,fine particles, bacteria & viruses, mould spores and odour

Our range is low-noise and energy saving models that keeps the air quality at an optimum level

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