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Deep Tissue Massage Machine  and  Infrared LED

Deep Tissue Massage Machine and Infrared LED

Brand: Glo International
Product Code:Glo910Plus

This device offer effective treatment  of cellulite and also reduces edema . Glo910 plus  is the first beauty device with SLIM tech® technology, an innovative combination of mechanical massage with light energy  (phototherapy) that fights cellulite and restores skin elasticity with lasting professional results. 

The deep massage break down fatty deposits and  smoothes away cellulite  even in the most troublesome areas such as abdomen and buttocks.  It also reduces edema  -deep drainage benefits to reduce the tightness and puffiness caused by fluid retention.Your legs become less swollen and more slender. The Phototherapy system re-generates collagen and brings elasticity to your skin.

The Glo910 plus is equipped with 16 infrared and 16 red LEDs that penetrate different levels of the skin, enhancing the effect of lipo-massage. It is an effective 100% natural, painless, non-invasive treatment. It comes with 4 interchangeable heads  for toning legs, body, butt, thighs  and a deep penetrating massager to reduce cellulite 


  • Large active treatment surface 10 cm diameter
  • 100% natural method to stop the cellulite process without aggressive surgery or chemical treatments.
  • Scientifically proven by NASA studies, infrared light therapy accelerates the skin renewal by 200%.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable, safe use at home.
  • Powerful motor (650 rpm) for effective treatment.
  • Slim Tech® technology: 16 red LEDs and 16 infrared elements with different levels of skin penetration (640-910 nm).
  • Independent Slim Tech® activation.
  • Adjustable massage intensity with luminous indicator.
  • Complete treatment: Includes 4 massage heads.
  • Easy massage head attachment system.
  • 25W, universal voltage (100-230V AC) 50-60 Hz.
  • Weight 650g
  • Designed in Europe.
  • Box content Glo910+massage appliance , Glo910+massage appliance , 4 massage heads, Deluxe storage toiletry bag, Instruction manual and safety notices.

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