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Roll On Jade With Black Obsidian Stone For Men

Roll On Jade With Black Obsidian Stone For Men

Product Code:ANK-ROLL01

A roll-on jade  designed for Men, usable by everyone

Massaging with a Roll-on jade allows you to drain lymph and eliminate toxins, improve the blood circulation,  to decongest the contour of eyes by reducing puffiness and  dark circles.It stimulates collagen production and beard growth.

Black Obsidian is a powerful stone from volcanic rock .The stone is known for its balancing, calming and healing properties and is ideal for dehydrated and tight skin.

Accelerates healing, cuts, soothes the skin and ease tightness

The benefits of using  this jade roll  to massage  your face are many , it can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, but also to fight against sagging skin

Clean before first use and every 2-3 days.Clean all parts in contact with the skin with clear water and soap. Dry well and put back in its case.

Handcrafted with a grinder.  there may be slight irregularities of breakage on the stone, this does not mean that the roll-on is defective or has been broken.


Use for 1-5 minutes on clean skin with a previously applied oil/serum. Place the tool in the fridge for a few minutes to decongest or in warm water to relax.

Prepare your lymph glands by massaging them (at the base of the neck and at the level of the collarbones)

Start at the forehead, smoothing from the center outwards and then from the bottom upwards.

Utilize the smooth roller along the brow line to sculpt.

Decongest the eye area with the smoothing roller, gliding from the inside to the outside, using light pressure. With the eyes closed, use the smoothing roller and work from the inside to the outside. To work on fine lines, massage in a grid pattern more intensely and quickly in the crow's feet area with the ridged roller.

To sculpt the cheekbones, either with the smooth or the ridged roller, massage starting from the nose, passing under the cheekbone and going up towards the ears.

Sculpt the oval of the face with the smooth or ridged roller, passing under the chin and smoothing down to the ears.

To work on the double chin, use the ridged part, starting from the neck and working quickly up to the underside of the chin.

Finish the drainage with the smooth roller down to the neck, smoothing from the top to the bottom of the neck to the brest (Repeat 5 to 10 times).


  • Stimulates the production of collagen 
  • Improves skin texture
  • Reduce puffiness and dark circles under your eyes 
  • 100% natural stones 
  • Made by artisans 

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