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Beard Growth Set Set For Fuller Beard

Beard Growth Set Set For Fuller Beard

Product Code:ANK-LAY01

This derma roller with 0.55 mm roller head has been specially developed to stimulate beard growth.

Micro needling is a scientifically proven treatment to stimulate hair growth and is also used for beard growth

This derma roller size  medium  with 0.55mm needles activates inactive hair follicles, promotes the growth of beard hairs, giving you a fuller beard and improves absorption of hair growth serum through the temporary microchannels

The set include hair growth serum .SERUM 06 combines the latest scientific insights to promote mustache and beard growth and prevent hair loss.  

The unique blend of powerful actives extends your beard's hair growth cycle and stimulates the growth of hair follicles

The serum contains no less than 5% Capixyl™, which is an innovative and patented complex of biomimetic peptide combined with red clover extract. 

 Studies show that Capixyl™ stimulates the anagen phase and keeps more hair follicles in the growth phase. It tackles the main causes of hair loss.

Ginseng extract, together with Capixyl™, an innovative and patented complex of biomimetic peptide combined with red clover extract, helps against hair loss. A lot of research has been done into this in recent decades. This extract can prevent a hair follicle from entering the resting phase early and therefore staying in the growth phase longer.

This set comes with a cleansing spray that allows you to hygienically clean the roller head, both before and after the treatment.


  • Clean your derma roller
  • Clean up your beard – If you have to do any beard trimming, do it before you start the micro-needling process 
  • Wash your face  and wash your hands before handling your roller
  • Add the  serum  apply 1 dose (1 pump) to your fingertips and massage the serum well into the skin of your beard or mustache
  • As your derma roll, work in sections. You can roll horizontally, vertically, or diagonally 
  • Each area only needs to be rolled about ten times for optimal coverage. Choose an area, roll the tool back and forth five times, and move on to a new section. 
  • Be gentle – you should be applying very light pressure to your skin.
  • Avoid tangles – for longer beards  roll in the direction of your facial hair growth only to prevent snags and tangles. 


  • The derma roller handle is made of metal and has an ergonomic shape,
  • The roller head is interchangeable and you replace it over time
  • 0.55mm needles
  • Made in Netherlands

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