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Lifetrons Switzerland

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Lifetrons Switzerland
Ion Beauty Bar Massager with Microcurrent Technology.Designed especially for contour reshaping, face..
This 2-in-1 Facial Spa Kit includes a negative ion massager and mist spray to care for your skin.&nb..
This beauty device  by Lifetrons  Switzerland combines a silicone cleansing brush with mic..
Lifetrons Switzerland
Lifetrons 5-in-1 Magic Ball adopted LifeTech acoustic technology and it’s the perfect partner for yo..
Lifetrons Switzerland
Eye massager with ion technologyHelps rejuvenate, boost micro circulation, reduce eye bags, lighten ..
Lifetrons Switzerland
This device by Lifetrons Switzerland  combines microdermabrasion, blue light photon therapy and..
Another innovative beauty tool from Lifetrons that restore your skin’s natural and  healthy glo..
Lifetrons Switzerland
This 5-in-1 device combines therapeutic photon lights with EMS technology to rejuvenate your skin fo..
Lifetrons Switzerland
This Thermal facial lift is a revolutionary multi-solution device that combines dot matrix radio fre..
Ultra facial lift  is a 3-in-1 design with integrated microcurrent, low frequency micro-vibrati..
This photon light treatment device is a  FDA Approved device from Lifetrons that uses LED light..
Lifetrons  offer  high-tech beauty electronics to effectively improve and restore the skin..
Lifetrons Switzerland's beauty device combines ultrasonic power, positive ions, negative ions and EM..
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