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Photon Facial Treatment

Brand: Lifetrons Switzerland
Product Code:LIFE-EP-300E-WH

This 5-in-1 device combines therapeutic photon lights with EMS technology to rejuvenate your skin for a more radiant and younger appearance. Gentle EMS currents may help contour and firm skin while boosting elastin. Red light may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while brightening the complexion and boosting collagen.

Blue light may help control sebum production and fight acne. Green light may help calm skin inflammation. Combination light may help improve overall appearance of the skin.


  • Combines photon light therapy (red, green, blue and combination) with EMS technology for different skin treatment needs
  • Gentle EMS currents use a unique secondary movement which may help tighten facial muscles, firm skin and improve elasticity
  • Red photon light may help diminish wrinkles, promote collagen production, reduce fine lines, fade dark spots and balance skin tone
  • Green photon light may help calm the skin, reduce redness and is ideal for sensitive skin
  • Blue photon light may help reduce acne breakouts by eliminating bacteria in pores, controlling sebum production and calming skin inflammation
  • Combination photon light is a mix of each light and may help the overall appearance of the skin by combining all features of each light into one treatment
  • Various treatment time settings depending on skin care needs
  • Rechargeable design with long lasting battery life
  • FDA Approved

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