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Oral Care Light Therapy System

Brand: ReVive Light Therapy
Product Code:REVDPLGUMP*


Blue and red LEDs are medically proven to enhance gum health, freshen breath, and whiten teeth. This is one of the most advanced over-the-counter whitening systems you can buy, and it works wonders.

The dpl® Oral Care has more power and has a larger treatment area than any other device of its kind.

This Oral Care Light Therapy System is designed to not only alleviate your gums of gingivitis but also halt halitosis and improve your overall oral health.


 The blue light helps reduce bacteria, causing a whitening effect, while red and infrared lights actually improve gum health by increasing blood flow. Increase the effectiveness of whitening gels by removing stains from coffee, leaving whiter healthier teeth.The dpl oral care system reaches a larger area than competitors & improves gum health and can be used  with whitening strips or gels for enhanced teeth whitening. Voted the best teeth-whitening product for any budget buy  GQ™ magazine.

For Gum Health: Use once daily for a minimum of 10 minutes.

For Teeth Whitening: For first week, use once daily once a day for 20 minutes, with teeth whitening gel of choice. After first week, use 2-3 times per week or as needed



  • Enhances whitening effects
  • Freshens breath
  • Improves gum health
  • Works with dentures and crowns
  • Worldwide / Universal Power Adapter (110-240 Volts)
  • Offers medical-grade technology based on NASA® study specifications
  • Contains:
  • (12) 660nm red spectrum LEDs
  • (12) 880nm infrared LEDs
  • (6) 415 nm blue LEDs
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries offers convenience of cordless treatment
  • An FDA cleared, non-invasive, all natural treatment
  • Does not generate harmful heat or damaging UV light rays
  • Box include oral control device, removable mouth tray, power supply & cable deluxe storage case

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