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Multi-Therapy Eye Massager

Brand: TensCare
Product Code:oko

Promote relaxation with air pressure, vibration and hot compress

Multi-therapy eye massager to relieve eyestrain, improve sleep, sooth headaches, lower stress and help anxiety.

This eye massager uses air pressure, vibration and hot compress cycle technology to massage the temples and key eye acupressure points.

Massage of these points can help provide relief from eye fatigue, soothe headaches, reduce dark circles under the eyes, whilst also providing a relaxing effect to reduce anxiety, lower stress and aid in falling asleep.

It is foldable and compact so can be used anywhere and anywhere you need it - even when travelling on the plane. 

It targets specific areas around the eyes with acupressure, which has been proven to help with various ailments, such as painful red eyes, twitching, swollen and itchy eyes. Relieves all discomfort caused by the eyes. 

In addition, it can help relieve migraine headaches - it gives you a product that gives you complete peace of mind and leaves you feeling relaxed. 

With the built-in Bluetooth speakers, you can hear relaxing sounds while using the device, and with a long-lasting battery you can get up to 18 massages before you need to charge it - perfect for long flights and travel days or just after a long day of staring at screens.


  • Uses three different modes: heat, compression and vibration. 
  • Foldable and compact 
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers

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